Helpful Information About Opting For A Cremation Funeral

10 January 2016
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Do you need a respectful and inexpensive way to lay your deceased loved one to rest? You can actually pass up on a ground burial and opt for cremation instead, as it comes along with several benefits. Below, learn a few beneficial ways as to why a cremation funeral is a good option for your deceased loved one.

You Will Reduce A Lot Of The Funeral Expenses

One of the best benefits of opting for cremation is that you won't have a need for an expensive casket for burial. It is typical for caskets alone (not including the other funeral expenses) to cost at least $2,000 plus, but the actual price depends on what kind of material it is used in the construction. Cremation allows you to make use of an urn instead of a casket, which will be more affordable, usually even if you want one that is customized in memory of the deceased. You will also save on expenses that are usually charged for a ground burial funeral that includes embalming, a headstone, use of a hearse and getting the gravesite excavated. You will have more money available to put toward a funeral ceremony.

A Part Of Your Deceased Loved One Can Remain With You

When your deceased loved one's body is turned into ashes, you will have the option of keeping them for as long as you desire. Keeping the ashes can give you a sense of comfort knowing that a part of your loved one is still with you. If you don't want to keep the urn of ashes in your home, you can also bury them on your property in a loving way. For instance, the ashes can be buried with tree seeds so the tree will act as a memorial for your deceased loved one. You can then keep the empty urn displayed in a special place in your house.

Full Funeral Ceremonies For Cremation Are Affordable

Getting cremation done and having a full-service funeral ceremony is estimated at a minimum of $2,000 plus. On the other hand, a full-service ground burial funeral is estimated at $6,000 or more. You will not only save money by opting for a full-service cremation funeral, but it can be as nice as one that is for a ground burial. The only difference is that you will put the urn on display instead of a casket at the actual funeral. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at the Lawry Brothers Funeral Home.