How To Plan A Memorial For Your Deceased Dog

30 September 2015
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If your beloved dog has died, your entire family is probably grieving. Because dogs love unconditionally and give total devotion, it is easy for them to fit right in as a family member, and it is hard to say good bye. Planning a graveside service for your pet might make it easier. Here are some ideas that might help.

Let Everybody Participate - Even little children will probably want to take part in your pet's funeral service.

  • One family member might be asked to give an opening prayer to start the service, while another member of the family might be asked to give a benediction.
  • Including music in the program might bring a sweetness to a sad time. Some songs to consider are Old Friends, We'll Meet Again and the hymn, All Creatures Of Our God And King.
  • Another idea is to ask each family member to give a short talk about how his or her life was touched by your dog.
  • Consider having somebody read a poem or a story written by one of your family members. Two good readings that are already available are A Dog's Final Wish and Rainbow Bridge.
  • If you have extended family members or friends who have been a part of your dog's life, think about inviting them to come to the services and to even participate in the service.

The Resting Place - Will you be burying your dog at a pet cemetery or on other land? Consider selecting a place where your family can easily go to visit and to recall happy memories of days gone by.

  • Of course, a solid wooden box or a purchased coffin made especially for pets are both suitable for burying your pet. However, think about personalizing the container by placing a family picture on the outside and a painted expression like Family Forever or Beloved Always. 
  • Think about asking each person to draw a picture of time spent with your pet. The picture can be kept as a memento or it can be placed in the burial container.
  • One idea is to buy a grave marker created especially for your dog. One with your dog's picture on it, the dog's birthday and date of passing, the dog's name and an expression like Loyal, Beloved Pal, or Always Remembered can be added to the grave marker.
  • Selecting a marker will always make it easy for you to find where your pet is buried.

For help with memorializing your pet, contact a business like An Thiel Monuments.