3 Tips for Pre-Planning Your Funeral When You Are Healthy and Don’t Have Life or Final Arrangements Insurance

30 November 2016
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Although few people like to think about it and even fewer may want to talk about it, the truth is that eventually everyone will need to make their own final arrangements or have someone else do so for them. However, as recently as 2010, nearly half of  Americans had no life insurance. If you are planning your own final arrangements and don't have insurance to cover those expenses, the following advice will help you to make the appropriate decisions. Read More 

Tips For Taking Kids To A Visitation Before The Cremation Service

28 September 2016
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Children feel as many complex emotions after the loss of a loved one as adults do, and these emotions can be harder for them to deal with since most kids have not had a chance to develop many coping skills. They may feel pain they don't understand and even have many questions about what death truly is. However, going to the visitation before a cremation service can be a good way for children to be among those who are also experiencing the loss and receive both attention and solace from fellow mourners. Read More 

Creating A Lily Bouquet For A Child’s Funeral

15 August 2016
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When someone you know loses a child, it's a heart breaking situation for everyone involved. If you want to show them some support during this trying time, a lily bouquet may be a good option for a funeral arrangement. It will help bring them a little joy during the funeral and show that you are there for them. Why Choose The Lily? Lilies are flowers that are typically used in funerals because they symbolize the restoration of innocence. Read More 

Choosing Between Cremation And Burial

3 August 2016
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Many times people make the choices of cremation and burial before their death. A lot factors come into play before you make a final choice. Here are some ways to make your decision a little easier. Consider the Deceased's Wishes When it is time to depart with a loved one, it is important to provide the aftercare needed to finish the earthly presence. Providing the deceased had made his/her wishes known prior to death, you want to abide by those desires. Read More 

Unique Ways To Honor A Veteran At A Memorial Service

25 July 2016
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When a loved one who served in the military passes away, he or she is usually entitled to a funeral service with military honors. Should you choose this option, there are several ways you can customize the memorial service. Here are a few options to consider when planning a veteran memorial service. Patriotic Corsages Work with your florist to create patriotic corsages for the immediate family members to wear. They can be as simple as a single rose with red, white and blue ribbon, or you can select a more exotic flower arrangement. Read More