How To Have A Minimalist Cremation

5 October 2015
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There are a lot of misconceptions about what you must do after your loved one has passed away. However, if your loved one wanted a frugal funeral, there are many services that you do not have to use that can keep your costs as low as possible. Minimalistic cremation also uses less land, so it is the most environmentally friendly option.

Direct Cremation is the Simplest

While many view a funeral as an elaborate affair, it doesn't have to necessarily be so. After your loved one has passed away, you can choose to simply have a direct cremation. The body arrives at the crematory and remains there until the crematory receives the death certificate and cremation permit. You will have to sign some paperwork. There doesn't even have to be an official service or a viewing before the cremation. Instead, you could choose to have a private service in your own home.

A Casket Isn't Required

A casket is not required when you have a loved one cremated. However, it is required that the body be enclosed in a container after the cremation process. Mortuaries are required to have inexpensive containers available.

You May Still Need an Undertaker

Sometimes, you will be able to deliver the body directly to the crematory. However, there are many crematories that will only work with an undertaker.

You Can Have a Simple Viewing

If friends and family members would like to say goodbye one last time, you can choose to have a viewing. This is the least expensive service of this type. If you choose a viewing, you can rent a casket to hold the body during the viewing. Then, the body will be returned to a simple container where it will be cremated.

You Don't Need an Urn

Many funeral services will provide urns that can be expensive. However, the ashes are usually placed in a plastic bag initially, which is then placed inside a box. You can request to simply have the box so you can use it to scatter the ashes. You can also choose to purchase an urn from somewhere else.

Disposing of the Ashes

Many of the methods of scattering the ashes are free, such as simply scattering the ashes over an area that meant a lot to your loved one. While you may need to rent a boat, scattering the ashes by sea can also be relatively inexpensive. You may want to check with local authorities to determine whether or not it's okay for you to scatter the ashes in a certain location. You may also simply keep the ashes.

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