How To Save Money When Planning A Funeral

7 October 2015
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It can be extremely hard to focus on the details of funeral planning, especially if you are experiencing a lot of varied emotions. However, if you are concerned about the cost of everything, you will want to buckle down for the time being and make use of some of the following tips. This way, you and everyone who was a part of your loved one's life will be able to pay their final respects without you having to lose too much money.

Comparison Shop For A Casket

This does not simply mean that you will want to compare the prices of what is available through the funeral home. While you can check out their available options, it is important to remember that the funeral home is not the only place that can sell you a casket. There are manufacturers that can be found online that will ship a casket to your home or directly to the funeral home for you. There are even some big chain department or bulk stores that will sell caskets through their websites.

Ask For Fewer Viewings

You can cut down on the number of days where people will be able to come for a viewing. Instead of three days of viewing, you could opt for one or two. In cases where there is not expected to be an overload of people and everyone is typically available in the evening, you might even be able to save some money by only having one viewing in the evening instead of the standard morning and evening viewing. If you do need to allow a little time for out of town friends and family, you can schedule the viewing to be a couple of days later so that everyone has plenty of time to arrive to town.

Opt For Cremation Instead Of Burial

Burials can be extra expensive because of the cost of purchasing a casket, burial plot, and headstone. You can skip all of that and simply opt for a cremation service. Do not make the mistake of believing that if you decide to go with the cremation service, no one will be able to attend a viewing as part of their grieving process. Many people will still have a viewing by renting a casket from the funeral home. It is only after the viewings are completed that the cremation will take place.

As you can see, you can save some money when you are trying to plan a funeral. All it takes is a little creativity and advance planning. If you're interested in cremation services, visit Romero Family Funeral Home Corp.