Tips For Creating A Memorable Cremation Service

9 October 2015
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If you are worried that by having your loved one cremated, you are going to miss out of a memorable experience, you need to keep reading. There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that the final service for the person you care for is everything that you want it to be, while still opting for the cremation. Take a moment to review the following suggestions so you will have easier time planning everything.

Still Hold A Viewing

Just because you are opting for the cremation service does not mean that everyone close to the deceased cannot attend a regular viewing. This is a wonderful experience that should not be taken for granted or skipped out on, if at all possible. It is a way for many people to help their grieving process and to pay their final respects to the person that they have lost. Sure, you might be concerned about having to purchase a casket, but have no fear, because caskets can be rented from the funeral home for such occasions. 

Have A Special Ceremony For The Spreading Of The Ashes

If you plan to spread the ashes, you might want to have a special ceremony at the same time. You do not have to invite a lot of people. You do not even have to invite everyone who came to the viewing. No matter how many people attend the ceremony, you can make it special by sharing memories, taking video, and giving a few of the closest family members the chance to spread a little bit of the ashes on their own.

Purchase A Unique Urn

While there is a box that the funeral home will place the ashes in, it is nothing fancy. It is just a plain box that you will hold the ashes in until you can transfer them into a proper urn. If you would like to display a beautiful urn at the cremation service, you will need to order one as soon as possible. This way, it can be delivered to you well before the scheduled cremation service. If you feel as though you are short on time, you can always inquire about purchasing an urn directly from the funeral home.

As you can see, there are a few good things that you can do in order to ensure that the cremation service ends up being everything that you would want for it to be. Talk to a funeral director, like those at Marine Park Funeral Home Inc, to learn about more ways to make your loved one's services special.