Funeral Homes: Helping Guests Plan a Joyful Memorial Service—Options to Offer

22 December 2015
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A memorial service is something that many of your customers want to have to remember their loved ones who have passed away. The goal of many memorial services is to bring comfort to the remaining family members and friends who are still living, and planning the event so it conveys the right tone for your guests can be tricky. When your guests want a joyful memorial service, you want to make sure you offer options that meet their wishes without making light of their grievous situation. Here are options you can offer to help them plan a service that brings smiles instead of tears.

Hobby/pastime display

Suggest a hobby or pastime display if the loved one who has passed away had an interest in particular activities that gave them enjoyment. Such a display is a great way to pay tribute to the deceased and can bring smiles to the faces of their loved ones who come to pay their respects. Family members and friends can bring items related to their loved one's favorite hobbies or pastimes, including

  • sports memorabilia and trophies
  • paintings, woodwork, and jewelry
  • photos of the deceased doing what they loved
  • baked goods from the loved one's recipes

Adding this type of tribute to a memorial service reminds people of what their deceased loved one did when they were alive and helps them focus less on their passing.

Dedication music

Ask your guests if their loved one had any favorite bands or singers and offer to include their favorite tunes as background music when hosting a memorial service. It doesn't matter if the deceased favored hardcore rock or classic bluegrass, family and friends who hear music that reminds them of the deceased will bring back happier memories and make the memorial service more engaging and lighthearted.

Story sharing

Many people opt to share a timeline of their deceased loved one as part of a funeral service. You can offer to have a microphone at the ready during the memorial service so guests can feel invited to stand and share stories they remember of their loved one without the pressure of an official audience. If they choose not to share a story out loud, you can also have a notepad and pen on a table where people can write down their favorite memories instead for the deceased's family members to reflect back on later.

Making a memorial service more joyful for family and friends of passed loved ones can be done in a tasteful, respectful way. Make suggestions for music, story sharing, and a display of favorite things or events to help make a memorial service more personal and enjoyable for everyone. For more ideas, you might wish to collaborate with a representative from another memorial facility, like the Richard H Keenan Funeral Home.