3 Ways To Keep Your Funeral Service More Celebratory As A Fun-Loving Pre-Planner

17 May 2016
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It goes without saying: a funeral service is always going to include high emotions. But as a pre-planner of your own funeral, you do have a little control over the overall mood when the day comes. If you would rather people remember you as the fun-loving person you are and have more of a life celebration than a funeral, there are a lot of ways you can add some of your own character to the service. Here are a few creative ways you can keep your funeral service more like a life celebration than a dismal event. 

Arrange for your funeral to be held at somewhere other than the funeral home. 

There is no law saying that you have to have a funeral in an actual funeral home. If you can find a more progressive funeral director, they will be willing to work with you to hold a funeral just about anywhere you choose. You could have your funeral service at your home, your church, or even outdoors if you don't mind doing a little extra planning and paying for tents and temporary shelters. Funeral homes are most often associated with grief. Therefore, stepping away from the traditional setting could help your loved ones feel a bit more like celebrating your life. 

Switch up the ambiance at the funeral home with creative embellishments. 

While holding a funeral somewhere other than a funeral home is an option, it is also an option that requires a little more planning. If you would prefer to just have your service at the funeral home, you can still easily change up the ambiance of a funeral home with creative embellishments. For example, you could arrange for balloons instead of flowers, colorful lighting, and even a projector screen set up so everyone can view a slideshow of your favorite life memories. You could even leave instructions in your funeral plans for your guests to bring photos of their own to share. 

Create your own song playlist or hire musicians for your service. 

The soft instrumentals, emotionally charged music, and cliche funeral songs will always provoke an emotional response from a crowd of loved ones who are dealing with your loss. If you want your funeral service to be more celebratory, take the time to create your own playlist of music that consists of more upbeat tunes and songs you love. You could also hire musicians or a live band to perform at your funeral and provide them with a specific playlist you would prefer. 

For more information and ideas, talk with a funeral director in your area, such as those at Shepherd Funeral Home.