3 Tips for Pre-Planning Your Funeral When You Are Healthy and Don't Have Life or Final Arrangements Insurance

30 November 2016
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Although few people like to think about it and even fewer may want to talk about it, the truth is that eventually everyone will need to make their own final arrangements or have someone else do so for them. However, as recently as 2010, nearly half of  Americans had no life insurance. If you are planning your own final arrangements and don't have insurance to cover those expenses, the following advice will help you to make the appropriate decisions.  

#1-Set up Monthly Payments to the Funeral Home to Pre-pay Your Arrangements

Since you have some time to plan for the funeral and are not making those tough choices because of an imminent need for those services, it is important to discuss your needs with staff members at your chosen funeral home. Given the National Funeral Directors Association has said the average funeral cost in the United States was $7,775 in 2012, it only makes sense that it is best to make payments on the total bill for a year or two before you need them.

#2-Make Sure to Lock in Your Funeral Costs

Since you are currently healthy, you probably do not know when the end of your days will come. Therefore, it is a good idea to lock in the prices for the services you choose now. Inflation has resulted in an increased cost of funerals in recent years. Since that trend is unlikely to change, you should verify that when you are committing to the arrangements you choose and pre-paying for those selections, that they will stay at today's costs until you need them.

Otherwise, there is the risk of leaving your friends and loved ones a bill for the difference between what you pre-paid and the prices of funeral planning at that time, despite your best attempts to avoid doing so.

#3-Consider Alternative Arrangements for the Viewing or Funeral

As you confront your own mortality, it is a good time to consider which features of the funeral or viewing mean the most to you. For instance, you may find that the solemn appearance of a standard funeral home for viewings or funerals does not appeal to you. Instead, you may want to consider other venues, such as a local park or even your home when the time comes. Both of those are very affordable or free, and, therefore, your costs will decrease.

Since it has become more common in the United States in recent years for a funeral to be about celebrating life in lieu of mourning death, choosing a less austere location for your services can be an ideal option. It will be helpful to speak with the funeral home like Foran Funeral Home to verify your options and the legality of having your body moved at that juncture.

In conclusion, making your own final arrangements is often an ideal way to take that burden off of your friends and family and allows you to personalize those important choices. Given the expenses associated with funeral planning, it is a good idea to be aware of the information provided above if you are making those decisions without the benefit of a life insurance policy.