4 Smart Ways To Sort Funeral Home Costs

4 April 2022
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When you've lost a loved one, sorting your funeral home costs might prove costly. And as the price of funeral services increases, you should find the best way to organize and save money for your loved one's funeral. With these smart tips in place, funeral homes expenses shouldn't become burdensome to you.

Find below some smart ways to sort your funeral services costs.

1. Consider Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance is sometimes also known as burial insurance or final expense insurance. These policies cover your funeral services costs and other expenses. Funeral insurance ensures that your family won't face hefty funeral bills. Instead, the insurance pays a lump sum to the family when an insured loved one dies.

There are two types of funeral insurance:

  • Whole life cover. This insurance policy pays out whenever you die. Whole life cover is more expensive than term life insurance policies. This difference is because the policy pays out no matter what time you pass away.

  • Term life cover. Available for a set number of years and pays out only if you die within that period.

If you choose between the two, consider whether you have any dependents who might need to cover your costs if you pass away unexpectedly.

2. Pre-Plan and Funeral Pre-Pay

Most families spend a lot more than necessary on funerals because they're making plans while grieving and aren't thinking about cost-saving strategies. Pre-paid funeral plans allow the deceased to pay for everything upfront. Covered costs include the casket, embalming, and other services. This move will prevent extra expenses if inflation occurs before death.

3. Veteran Benefits

Military members receive full coverage — burial and cremation — without showing proof of service or eligibility. However, civilians covered by veteran benefits may have to show eligibility and proof of service.

It's best to check with your local VA life insurance policy office before finalizing payment arrangements. The VA will want proof of eligibility, such as an honorable discharge certificate or a DD-214.

4. Low-Cost Options

There are many different ways people choose to handle funeral homes costs. However, most individuals stick with a standard package. While this may be the most affordable option for some families, some may not find the option affordable. But with a tight budget, you can't use all your savings on funeral costs.

You need to research what options are available in your area. This move will allow you to tailor the funeral services you're willing to pay for.


Death is imminent. When a loved one dies, you and your family make many decisions in a short time frame. Planning can help ease the burden and pain of arranging a funeral. In addition, you'll take care of funeral home costs well in advance to have smooth sailing when death occurs. 

For more information, contact a local funeral home.