Uncovering The Facts: Common Myths About Cremation

9 March 2023
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The passing of a loved one is an emotional time, and it can be difficult to make decisions related to the funeral. One popular choice among families is cremation, yet many myths still surround this option. You need to fully understand what this process entails so you can make an informed decision about saying goodbye to your loved one.

This article debunks some of the common myths about cremation.

Cremation Is More Expensive Than Burial

When deciding between cremation and burial, one of the most common myths is that cremation is more expensive. In reality, the cost of a funeral can vary greatly depending on the type of services chosen. On average, a cremation service could cost less than a traditional burial service.

The main cost difference comes from not having to purchase a casket or burial plot in a cemetery. Most cemeteries require these purchases for burials, but they are not necessary for cremations. A cremation also eliminates embalming and other preparation costs associated with traditional funerals. 

Furthermore, some funeral homes offer packages that include the cost of the cremation and memorial services. These can be cheaper options than purchasing each separate item separately.

For those seeking an even more affordable option for final disposition, direct cremation is an option many families are now choosing over traditional funerals. Direct cremations involve no additional services like visitation or memorials. 

Instead, families simply provide instructions to have their loved one brought directly to the funeral home and proceed with a simple direct cremation with only minimal staff involvement required. With fewer people involved in the process, direct cremations tend to be much lower in cost than other options, plus they often require little or no waiting period after death before they can occur.

There Are Limited Options For Memorialization

Contrary to popular belief, opting for cremation does not limit the opportunities available for memorializing a loved one. Many people assume that cremation means there is no way to have a tangible reminder of their lost loved one, but this is simply not true.

Despite the lack of a burial plot, there are various ways to create meaningful memories and honor someone who has passed away through cremation services. For those looking for more traditional memorialization options, families can choose an urn for ashes or even divide the ashes into smaller urns and pass them out amongst family members as keepsakes.

Cremation does not mean having to say goodbye forever. It's also possible for families to scatter their loved one's ashes in a place that is meaningful to them or even incorporate them into pieces of jewelry like necklaces or rings. 

Memorial tattoos are another creative option where ashes can be mixed with ink and used in the tattooing process. Families may also opt for artwork made from their loved one's ashes and set aside time each year specifically devoted to paying tribute and celebrating their memory.

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